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Six Independent Questions

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Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?


6IQs stands for six (6) Independent Questions. Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why.
6IQs is a National Independent News Network dedicated to answering these questions about national news. We have a station in the largest city of every state and our headquarters is located in the Historic Bell Telephone Exchange in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Bell Telephone Exchange is one of the oldest telephone company buildings in the world and listed in the National Register of Historic places with the U.S. Department of Interior. We felt the Exchange was a most appropriate place for our state of the art telecommunications headquarters. Bell was a telecommunications monopoly in 1902. We monopolize independent thought about national news.
Face it, watching traditional TV for news is dead. Live streaming internet news from professional but independent journalists from across the country is the way of the future. With our proprietary technologies we bring real national news to your smart phone 24/7/365 from the largest cities in the US. We provide fresh independent news from an independent perspective totally unaffiliated with any major network. We provide “Truly Independent, Fair, and Objective reporting.”
At 6IQs we have a hunger for investigation, passion for communication and a fearless determination to uncover the truth.